Will Personal KPIs Become A Part of Strategic Workforce Planning?

While companies embrace flexible work options, how can managers ensure their teams remain equally or more productive working from home? Implementing personal and team KPIs is increasingly critical to strategic workforce planning. As a provider of Solver's #CPM solution, can help. Learn more about Solver's single cloud-based solution for all your organization's budgeting, reporting, workforce planning and KPI management needs. #corporateperformancemanagement

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COVID-19 accelerated remote work models. As businesses cautiously reopen, this trend shows no signs of slowing down.

How can managers ensure teams are as engaged, productive and goal-driven from their homes as they were in the office?

With the decline of corporate oversight and micromanagement, managers are increasingly implementing tools to track personal KPIs — a science in and of itself. As a provider of Solver’s CPM solution, can help. Read this blog for insight.

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