UniverseIT Website Re-Design -

Hi Joe, Erica, I’ll be building the new UniverseIT¬†website at this URL for the two of you to review and give feedback on. If you look down to the lower right of your browser you’ll notice a small box with a plus sign on it, use this to add comments anywhere on the page you like. Give it a try, test it out, I promise you can’t hurt anything.

As we go through this process, your feedback is vital for the success of this project. As a designer, I understand that my idea of nice, may not be yours, SO SPEAK UP if you see something that gives you a headache. Like for example this text flying all over, lol…. No I will not be adding this feature to the UniverseIT website, haha. I have much better in mind.

Looking forward to working with both of you on this......