Membership Budget for Nonprofit Organizations

Looking for a faster, more reliable way to budget membership attrition, growth and related revenues? Thanks to Solver, UniverseIT has the solution. One key functionality our Membership Budgeting Template for nonprofits is input of rates and retention % per membership type. Plus, a budget manager can enter monthly metrics such as expected membership adds, dues and fees. The result? Lower probability that cash flows end up over- or under budget. Go to Solver Membership Budgeting Templates can result in a more meaningful and predictable membership data. #CPM 

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Budgeting membership attrition, growth and related revenues is a key component of your nonprofit’s budget presents many unique challenges. With Solver CPM solutions, UniverseIT can help your organization meet these challenges — and then some.
Check out Solver’s blog to see how our Membership Budgeting input forms can help streamline and stabilize your Membership Budget.

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