Faster and Better Decisions with Power BI and Solver

While some businesses deploy #BI solutions in a comprehensive financial analysis approach, your business can make faster and smarter decisions by integrating CPM software with BI tools. Solver's CPM solution makes this easy with pre-built integration for leading BI solutions like Power BI. Read more about how these tools complement each other and can solve all your analysis, reporting and planning needs. Contact Solver provider UniverseIT for more information. #corporateperformancemanagement

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Business Intelligence (BI) solutions and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions provide discrete benefits for your business. Using these tools in tandem might be the most strategic move you can make. This white paper provides an explanation of Power BI as a visualization solution that expands Solver’s financial reporting and budgeting functionalities. Contact Solver provider UniverseIT to learn more.

View: Faster and Better Decisions with Power BI and Solver

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