“Extending the Value of Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, SAP and Acumatica with Modern Reporting”

What do you think? Could your nonprofit benefit from a reporting technology that gives you live, true real-time, beautifully formatted reports - in one easy-to-access web browser? No VPN required. Consult the blog to learn how with Solver's Hybrid Cloud integration technology, Then contact UniverseIT for help getting your nonprofit started on the road to more meaningful reporting.

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Solver’s Hybrid Cloud Reporting from UniverseIT is a unique integration technology that eliminates the need for data to be loaded from the on-premise ERP and into the cloud CPM tool before the user can run reports.
Consult the blog to learn how you can obtain true, beautifully formatted, real-time reports — in one web browser – no matter which CPM platform you are using.

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