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How can Solver's Department Expense Forecast template reduce the time your budget managers and department heads spend generating a bottom-up estimate? Simple. This web-based input template retrieves year-to-date actual data for a particular department and then provides input for the remaining periods of the year. The result? A full-time annual estimate to support your budget. Go to this blog for more complete details about our Department Expense Forecast Template. Then contact UniverseIT to get started on the road to more predictable budgeting and forecasting. #CPM

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Does it seem like it takes forever to get your nonprofit budget together? No worries. Solver Department Forecast Models allow budget managers and department heads to automate the forecasting process through secure, web-based data entry forms.
Check out the blog to see how Solver Department Forecast Template can speed up your nonprofit’s planning process, improve capabilities, and support the annual budget process with a full year estimate.

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