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CIO/CTO Partner Services

A CIO or CTO can help align your IT services to enable your organization to prosper. Whether you are undergoing a period of change or growth, starting a new business, or need a few more hands on deck, we have you covered.

All of our CIO/CTO services are provided by Joe Eldridge, a 19-year Microsoft veteran with experience directing numerous projects in the Surface product line.

Interim CIO/CTO Partner

Our interim CIO/CTO partner service can be used to allow your IT solutions to empower your business during times of change, mergers, or acquisitions. This includes using our presence to provide temporary service during the search for a permanent CIO/CTO, to help manage a special project, to add additional expertise during restructuring, or any other difficult times.

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New Business IT Partnership

If you’re starting a new business or organization, hiring a full IT staff and a CIO or CTO can be expensive. With our leadership services, you can acquire a dynamic level of assistance to ensure your new enterprise has IT solutions that support your short and long term goals.

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A Full IT Staff, Without The FULL IT Expense

A fully-fledged IT department can be costly, and if your organization’s IT needs are on the lower side, you can consider switching to a dynamic engagement model, wherein your CIO/CTO service is managed externally and accessed dynamically to provide you with cost savings over full-time staff.

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If you’re not sure just what’s right for you, schedule a FREE consultation so we can help.

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What is a CIO or CTO ?

  • The company-wide face of the IT department
  • Internally focussed on improving business processes
  • Builder of the company’s IT infrastructure that meets it business objectives
  • Works with suppliers who help build the company’s IT infrastructure
  • A skilled organiser
  • The external face of the company’s technology offering
  • Builds and enhances the technology the company sells
  • Responsible for matching technology with business priorities
  • Works with partners who supply solutions for its technology
  • Usually a skilled technologist


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