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Budgeting & Forecasting | Reporting & Consolidations
Dashboards & Analysis | Data Warehouse

With its complete, modern Web and Excel interfaces, BI360 gives your organization the ideal enterprise corporate performance management platform for better and faster decision-making for everything from strategy, forecasts, budgets, reports, and analysis, using comments and automated email updates so that everyone can collaborate seamlessly and stay in the loop, whether you choose to deploy on-premise or in the cloud.


  • Easy-to-use Excel-based reporting tool
  • Built-in structured data warehouse works with almost all your other solutions
  • Ad-hoc and Data Warehouse reporting
  • Ability to perform FP&A, write back any data to the warehouse and recall it later to compare scenarios and what-ifs
  • Budget workflows
  • Automatic report scheduler
  • Permission your data however you like

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