Azure Defender for IoT

The value of comprehensive security across all IoT/OT devices can’t be underestimated. What if you could use one solution to secure all your IoT devices and OT infrastructure? With @Microsoft Azure Defender for IoT, you can. Watch this video to explore the benefits and get in touch for a demo from a UniverseIT Microsoft Azure Defender for IoT expert.

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Dynamics 365 Remote Assist Mobile Overview

Looking for a way to simplify broad-scale deployment of collaborations that involve repairs and inspections. With a mix of live video calling, mixed-reality (MR) annotations and high-resolution snapshots, tech teams using Dynamics 365 Remote Assist mobile or @Microsoft Teams (desktop or mobile) can share what they see with the remote collaborator to troubleshoot problems together, faster. Read the blog for insight and DM us to get in touch for a one-on-one walk through with a mixed reality expert atUniverseIT.