Graphical Cash Analysis Tool and Dashboard

How great would it be if you could view 13 months of trended profit & loss, balance sheet and cash flow data on a single screen?
With UniverseIT’s Graphical Cash Flow Analysis and Dashboard Reporting tools from Solver, you can view trends in the revenues, expenses and balance sheet items that drive cash flow and the resulting cash position. On a single computer screen.
Check out the blog to see how Solver’s CPM tools can help you improve liquidity analysis and identify issues before they become problems.

Windows Virtual Desktop

Remote, work from anywhere—it’s here to stay in some fashion. That’s why you need a safe, reliable virtual desktop that offers you everything the office does—and more! Access this video to learn more about Microsoft #WindowsVirtualDesktop, and contact UniverseIT for more information.

Saving time with Microsoft Teams

Through #MicrosoftTeams, information workers save four hours per week from improved collaboration and information sharing. What are the other ways they are saving time with Teams? Access this infographic and contact UniverseIT for more information.