Solver Reporting and Analysis Overview

Check out this brief video demo of Solver for a high-level overview of the corporate performance management (CPM) suite.
Solver’s cloud-based reporting and planning suite is easy to manage, simple to navigate, and provides on-demand access to KPIs, dashboards and key reports direct from a web browser.
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3 ways you can ensure secure, productive remote work for your nonprofit

Secure work is productive work. With the right technology approach, you can protect data, devices, and applications, minimize the impact of security on your staff, and simplify IT. Access this infographic to learn three ways to ensure secure and productive remote work for your nonprofit. Contact UniverseIT for more information.

 Are you using the right cash flow report?

Looking to gain more insight into cash flow? UniverseIT recommends creating a wide range of cash flow reports tailored to different business goals. You can learn more about cash flow reporting options by reading this blog. Contact us for Solver industry-leading CPM solutions that give you access to a vast range of templates to cover all your cash flow report activities and more.