Membership Dashboard

When it comes to getting a handle on your Membership Budget, nothing beats a well-designed dashboard.
Solver’s Power BI connector and templates enable professional, near real-time dashboards for any data you load to the Solver Data Warehouse.
Consult this blog and check out the sample Dashboard template. Then contact UniverseIT to get started on your way to a more meaningful and predictable budgeting experience.

Securing your systems with smart solutions

Secure your systems for smart solutions. The @Microsoft global network of real-time threat intelligence services stays ahead of the risks, with over 40 million lines of data reviewed per day. Access this infographic and contact UniverseIT for more information.

Azure SQL Database: Intelligent databases that are always up to date

Did you know @Microsoft #Azure SQL Database is the only cloud with evergreen SQL, which never needs to be patched or updated? Learn about other benefits of Azure SQL Database as well as Azure Advanced Threat Protection with this infographic, and contact *[$profile.organization] for more information.