Work remotely, stay secure—tips for CISOs

Due to the #COVID19 pandemic, we are in a time of unprecedented change.

Read “Work remotely, stay secure—tips for CISOs,” brought to you by @msftnonprofits, to learn how to keep your #nonprofit organization secure and productive as you move to remote work. #Tech4Good #SocialImpact #DigitalTransformation @Microsoft-365 @Office365

Lizo | Transformation in the oil & gas industry: data analysis and visualization

With improved technological tools, you’re likely accumulating more data than ever. If you’re wondering how to manage it, you’re not alone. Microsoft understands that most businesses are experiencing a significant increase in data and need help. Watch this video for an example of how a data-driven company can utilize #Azure Cosmos DB and Power BI to process large volumes of data and provide actionable insights to their business. Contact UniverseIT for migration questions and assistance.